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Good Friends

I love my children with all of my heart. But I will be honest when I say that sometimes they drive me crazy and there are times when parents need time to themselves. Gary and Vicky, good friends of ours told us they would take our kids for pretty much the entire weekend. They come to our small group on Friday’s, so the kids went home with them that night and we didn’t see the kids again until Sunday.

That gave us Saturday all to ourselves and we took advantage of the situation. We went out for breakfast. We then took a ride to St. Augustine where we walked around as I scouted spots for a photo project I am working on. Then we went to a few stores and to lunch. After lunch we went home and relaxed for awhile. Then we went to church and we then went and ate dinner. We spent the rest of the evening at home alone, enjoying each others company.

Good friends are a blessing from God. The thing is, making friends in church really relies on two different things:

1. Being part of a ministry. When you’re involved in ministry you work closely with people whereas at church it’s mostly, “Hi how are you?” kind of talk before and after the service. You don’t get to actually know people.

2. Being part of a small group. We met Gary and Vicky at our small group and they’ve been a part of it ever since. Being part of a small group gets you connected to people in a great way. Friendships are born out of these groups and I can easily say that the best friends Sylvia and I have made at the church were friendships forged in our small groups.


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